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This page aims to inform you very precisely about everything related to tourism in the Bardenas desert. This involves hiking routes, accommodation, local tourist agencies, off-road bike rentals, weather, maps of Bardenas and the nearest villages, but also the inevitable Tourist Regulations that must be respected by all. the tourists.


Here are the main points of this regulation :

  • Hikers can access the entire territory by trails, trails and off-piste (off-trail prohibited through cultivated fields). Regarding the sector Pisquerra-Rallon-Ralla access is free, although periodically prohibited access (from February to the end of August).
  • Off-road bike hikers can ride all the trails and trails in the territory. Note that the sector Pisquerra-Rallon-Ralla is theoretically prohibited to mountain bikers throughout the year (but in practice, this is not always the case ...).
  • Visitors in motorized vehicles (cars, motorhomes, motorcycles, etc.) can only use the tracks that are authorized (orientation signs at the entrance of each track). Off-piste is strictly forbidden.
    On the whole territory, motorized vehicle drivers have about 100 kilometers of tracks.
  • WARNING !!! Access to the military zone of Bardena Blanca is strictly forbidden for all!



Entrée Bardenas
Access and schedules (valid all year round)

- Access to the Bardenas Reales Natural Park is free and free (without entrance control).

- Access is allowed from 08:00 to one hour before sunset, without interruption.

- Any nighttime presence in the Bardenas is forbidden (watch out for the guards who often patrol the night).



Some rules to know before visiting the Bardenas :

By going to the Bardenas Reales, the tourist and the hiker will have to respect many rules. Here is what we can learn from local regulations:

- Access to the Natural Park of Bardenas Reales is allowed from 08:00 to one hour before sunset, without interruption.

- It is forbidden to drive in groups of more than 5 vehicles.

- The maximum speed allowed is 40 km / h (on dirt road).

- Sports competitions are prohibited.

- The parking of vehicles must be done in such a way as not to impede the circulation of agricultural vehicles.

- It is imperative to respect the marking of tracks (tracks authorized for motorized vehicles and mountain bikers).

- The practice of off-piste and 4x4 crossing is of course prohibited for motorized vehicles.

- Hikers can walk on all tracks (unless otherwise indicated).

- Access to the military zone is strictly prohibited.

- The practice of camping is prohibited.

- Motorhomes are not allowed to stay in the Bardenas during the night.

- It is forbidden to pick up or destroy minerals, plants, and disturb wildlife.

- Fires and garbage dumps are prohibited.

- The practice of climbing is prohibited.

- Dogs must be tied ..


The respect of this tourist regulation contributes to the protection of an exceptional and unique territory in Europe.



Pisquerra, Rallon, Ralla, gorra.
Areas popular with hikers but periodically prohibited.

Access to these areas is permitted from the end of September to the end of February.
Access is prohibited during the rest of the year.

The Pisquerra-Rallon-Ralla-Gorra areas represent only 6% of the area of the Bardenas, which means that the rest of the territory is free of access during the whole year from 08h00 until one hour before sunset .



Rental and maintenance of bicycles? It's in Arguedas.

Ciclos Marton
Calle Real, 31
31513 Arguedas (España)
Tél : 0034 948 831 577
No website
Bardenas byke
Paseo de la Ribera, 26
31513 Arguedas (España)
Tél : 0034 619 611 029



Where to park your motorhome ?

During a visit of the Bardenas motorhome, it inevitably arrives a moment where we ask ourselves this question: Where will we park for the night?

It is forbidden to park in the Natural Park, so far there was only the option "wild parking" in one of the nearest villages.

The Mayor of Arguedas has brought a solution to this problem. Since 2013, the town offers motorhomes a large parking area located at the foot of the village cliffs, where there are innumerable abandoned troglodyte habitats.
Arguedas is near the main tourist entry point of the Bardenas (Aguilares).

A few kilometers from Arguedas, taking the road that goes up to the SendaViva (zoo and amusement park), you will find a large car park located near the church of Yugo. The parking of motorhomes is tolerated (few amenities on site, but the view of the Bardenas warrants to spend the night).
There is also a tolerance for the SendaViva car park, although this place is much less attractive. Avoid parking during Park opening hours.

Note that since June 2018 the village of Carcastillo (northern Bardenas) has a new parking area available to motorhomes.
Carcastillo is located near the second tourist entry point of Bardenas (El Paso).



Dezerto Bardenas

Gifts souvenirs in Arguedas.

"Dezerto Bardenas" is a shop specializing in the products of the Bardenas and Navarre, it is intended for tourists.
Purchases of gifts and souvenirs, purchases of alcohol and gourmet products, ... the choice is wide and varied.
The Dezerto Bardenas store is located in the center of Arguedas, Plaza de los Fueros. Remember this address, you will not regret it.


Normally the store is open:
Monday to Sunday, from 10h to 13h and from 17h30 to 20h.
(open until 9pm in spring and summer)
Closed Sunday afternoon.

If the store is closed, you can ask for it to be opened at the reception of the hotel "Camino de las Bardenas" located nearby (Plaza de la Noria).



Map of Bardenas.


Map Bardenas

Map of Bardenas Reales (2016)

Created by the bardenero José Maria Samanes (from the "Bardenas Aventure" agency), this set of maps is the newest and most accurate to date.
On the front is a large map (1:50,000) showing the entire territory, and on the back is an even more detailed map showing the Bardena Negra (1:25,000) and a 3D aerial representation of the Bardenas.


Map 2 Bardenas

Map of Bardenas Reales (1990)

This map of the Bardenas made the happiness of the hikers during a quarter of century, but it is clear that it dates a little. Some tracks have disappeared or have become impassable, others have been created, new roads have been built, wind farms have sprung up, new lakes have appeared, urbanizations have spread, etc.
This card can still be used but it is no longer relevant.



Road map of the outskirts of Bardenas.



Some attractions near Bardenas.


Sendaviva is both an amusement park and a zoo located at the top of the mountain del Yugo, just 4 km from the Bardenas. Ideal for family fun !

Escobas Mendi

Fabrica de Escobas Mendi is a broom factory located in Valtierra. Do not be fooled by appearances, this tour is very rich in lessons, to see absolutely !


Centro Termoludico de Cascante is a large spa area that offers many sports and aquatic facilities (gym, indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, steam room, etc.).

Bco Perdido

Barranco Perdido is an amusement park whose themes are about dinosaurs and paleontology. Young and old will also have the joy of discovering many activities, among which games of ropes, water games, a swimming pool, etc.




Emergency services.

Whether you're driving, riding a motorcycle, cycling or walking, the risk of a fall, a misfire, or any other incident / accident is real.
Wherever you are in the Bardenas, Navarre emergency services can be reached by phone by dialing 112.



Information and advice (written in French)

This website is dedicated exclusively to the Bardenas desert, it is considered on the French-speaking web as THE reference in Bardenas.

Created in 2004, the site is regularly updated and can boast to be the most complete, accurate and attractive that can be found on internet.

You will find a considerable amount of information and advice to prepare your hikes and your sightseeing tour of the desert.

Site internet du désert des Bardenas.
Visiting the website is already a first step in the Bardenas desert !



Photograph Bardenas

Here is a small website of photographs by which you can discover the sublime strangeness of the desert landscapes.
Also, by visiting this site you will realize that the Bardenas are not only a desert, it is also a field and forest world.

All these photographs were taken by Frédéric Moncoqut, a great enthusiast of the Bardenas desert.


Site de photographies.



Routes of Hike (written in French)

Want to go hiking or mountain biking in the desert?
Or just drive around the Bardenas by car, motorhome or motorcycle?

The website offers 16 hiking routes in the Bardenas, as well as more than 50 sites of cultural interest in 24 towns and villages in the region (Navarre and Aragon).

To learn more about these itineraries, please click on the link in the site menu, you will find a free PDF !
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