Camino Bardenas
Rural suite
Hotel ideally located in the historic centre of Arguedas, village close to the entrance of the Bardenas desert. This property has a restaurant and a bar with outdoor terrace.
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A hotel area in Cascante with a wide choice of accommodation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available. Enjoy the shaded park.
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Joyosa guarda
Beautiful hotel located in the historic centre of the medieval village of Olite, not far from the impressive royal castle. The hotel occupies a magnificent 18th century manor.
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Large hotel located in Tudela. Modern and comfortable, this property offers a variety of services such as a restaurant area, a small children’s playground, a gym, a sauna, parking. Learn more
Exceptional !!! This is a unique hotel located in Valtierra, a troglodyte hotel! Beautiful and unusual, these caves offer all modern comforts. Quiet, fresh in summer and pleasant in winter. Learn more and here.


Bardena blanca
Bardenas aventure
Here is an apartment and two tourist houses, all located in the center of Arguedas. Each of these units has its own unique style and assets.
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Exceptional !!! Here you will find many rural cottages, some of which are located in the heart of the Bardenas, which is unique! The other lodgings are in Arguedas.
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Dezerto Bardenas
Sancho Rota
These two tourist apartments alone occupy a small building in the centre of Arguedas. On the top floor is a common terrace overlooking the village.
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Beautiful and large house located in Arguedas. Its five bedrooms, two bathrooms and garden terrace offer all the comfort you can expect after a visit to the Bardenas desert.
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Beautiful three bedroom house, located in Arguedas. Its exterior courtyard is particularly attractive, with a porch, a barbecue, a large table and chairs.
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Casa de sofia
Cuevica de las Bardenas
Here are two beautiful houses located in Cabanillas, with 7 bedrooms for one, 5 for the other, 3 bathrooms each, and 2 beautiful shaded gardens.
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Here are two adjoining apartments comprising a rather rustic house and a modern loft. One of the rooms has been transformed into a cave. These dwellings are located in the village of Caparroso. Learn more
Bed4U offers five fully renovated, modern, bright and tastefully decorated apartments located in the centre of Tudela.
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Rural house on the banks of the Aragon River in Milagro. The building consists of two tourist accommodations, one of which has a terrace overlooking the river.
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Located in Valtierra, 300 meters from the Bardeneras Caves, this large and very comfortable house can accommodate up to 25 people. You will also benefit from its vast garden and its swimming pool. Learn more
Bed4U offers five fully renovated, modern, bright and tastefully decorated apartments located in the old quarter of Tudela, very close to the cathedral.
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Camping Bardenas
This campsite near the Bardenas is located in Villafranca. It is equipped with a swimming pool, a playground, a supermarket, a restaurant and parking. You can go along under tent, mobile home, bungalow, or apartment.
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Carte des Bardenas

Bannière pub Bardeneras.

Bannière pub Bed4U . . .