Bardenas in a few words.

Sumptuous landscapes, spectacular geological formations, almost African Mediterranean vegetation, and a typical fauna of arid and steppic areas, ...
It’s the Bardenas Reales desert.

The Bardenas Reales Desert, or more simply the Bardenas Desert, is located in the south-east of Navarre, in the north of Spain. It is one of the largest desert areas in Europe, declared a Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO) and a Nature Park.

This territory of 42,000 hectares is characterized by its arid landscapes that contrast radically with the green Pyrenean mountains yet so close.

The Bardenas are divided into three distinct zones:

The Bardena Blanca corresponds to the most desert and spectacular area, it owes its name to its soils of very light color.

The Bardena del Plano is a vast agricultural plateau almost entirely flat. The erosion is very weak in this place.

The Bardena Negra is characterized by high plateaus and by vast and wild pine forests. This area owes its name to the dark soils it possesses.

There are other smaller but interesting areas.
For example, the Vedado de Eguaras Nature Reserve, which forms a veritable forest Eden surrounded by high and beautiful cliffs, and the Aragonese Bardena, which offers magnificent countryside and forest landscapes.


But back to the Bardena Blanca.
The Blanca is undoubtedly the best known and most popular area for tourists and hikers. Here the change of scenery is guaranteed and permanent wonder.
The landscapes are characterized by deep ravines, isolated hills with flat peaks, badlands, fairy chimneys and vast empty spaces. Soil erosion is extremely powerful here, the reliefs are sculpted with talent by the forces of nature such as wind, rain and thermal amplitudes.

To discover the Bardenas desert is to come here, in the Blanca.

The Bardenas can be ridden by car, 4x4, on foot and by mountain bike.
Some hiking agencies even offer the possibility to ride the desert on horseback, quad, segway or buggy. So many ways to discover the desert that will make your trip unforgettable.
The accommodation offers are numerous, varied and of quality.


Welcome to the Bardenas Desert.


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Photographs of Frédéric Moncoqut.
- Reproduction forbidden -

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